The mission of the Fondation Groupe Forget: the gift of hearing

The Fondation Groupe Forget is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve life for people with hearing problems by collecting donations and educating the public.

The foundation works independently from the company’s commercial activities, but is active in fulfilling Groupe Forget’s commitments to the community. The foundation is funded by Groupe Forget, its partners and special events, like the benefit concert given by Ginette Reno in 2010.

A short history of the foundation: listening to needs

The foundation was created to address a need. Some patients were having problems with their hearing aids but didn’t have the financial means to purchase new ones. For example, one day a boy’s backpack was stolen after he had put his hearing aids in it before he went swimming. His parents weren’t able to replace them and there wasn’t any organization that could help in this kind of situation.

Since it was founded in 2008, the Fondation Groupe Forget has provided $1 000,000 in hearing aids, hearing tests and accessories. It has also made it possible for children with severe hearing loss to go to camps that are specially adapted to their needs. The Donation Attribution Committee meets monthly to assess each new case.

The joy of hearing again: a precious gift

Many people underestimate the impact that hearing loss can have on the affected person. Often, the importance of receiving a particular treatment for a specific type of impairment is not well understood. Read the true stories to find out what a real gift it is to hear again from those who have benefitted from the Fondation Groupe Forget.