Mario Pelchat

    Mario Pelchat has seduced the public with his warm voice for 30 years now. As he experienced the «En Action sans Audition» challenge which simulates a hearing loss, he was chocked. He realized how difficult it would be for him to perform his art if he suffered this condition on a daily basis. As it became even impossible for him to finish the song he was interpreting, Mario Pelchat strongly invited us to take good care of our hearing as he will certainly do for his own.

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The En Action sans Audition challenge!

One out of ten people in Québec suffer from hearing loss. It’s a daily challenge for 800,000 people.


For 30 minutes, several celebrities will experience what it’s like to lose some of their hearing. We filled the participants ears with silicone to simulate a hearing loss of approximately 40 decibels. We then had them carry out their activities as usual.