Vincent C

    Vincent C, known as the “Bad Boy of Magic”, in addition to completing a Rubik cube, dancing in a hoolahoop and performing a magic trick all at once, experienced a moderate hearing loss for the duration of this act. “I’m used to interacting a lot with the audience. It really wasn’t fun not being able to hear the small reactions and laughter from the crowd. It felt like I was rehearsing alone in my living room,” said the magician.

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The En Action sans Audition challenge!

One out of ten people in Québec suffer from hearing loss. It’s a daily challenge for 800,000 people.


For 30 minutes, several celebrities will experience what it’s like to lose some of their hearing. We filled the participants ears with silicone to simulate a hearing loss of approximately 40 decibels. We then had them carry out their activities as usual.