Marianne St-Pierre interpreted two hits from singer Ginette Reno in sign language with the «Star Académie» candidates

Montreal, February 22, 2012 – Marianne St-Pierre, a Groupe Forget, audioprothesists employee, performed a sign language interpretation of the two Ginette Reno hits «L’essentiel» and «Un peu plus haut» with the participants of the «Star Académie» competition. The goal was to have them experience the deep felt emotions contained in these songs by translating lyrics into gestures.

«To begin with, I was very nervous, but later I got so involved in the songs that it distracted me from the context», explained Marianne with a smile. «It was a beautiful challenge that brought back nice memories! In 2010, Ginette offered a concert to benefit the Groupe Forget Foundation and we then «sung» L’essentiel together. I remember that spectators were moved. The transfer of emotions is done differently: both voice and gesture, complete each other wonderfully. The result is astonishing!»