Spirit of Planetree Awards 2014, an international recognition for 2 IRD projects

The Institut Raymond-Dewar, an affiliate member of the Quebec Planetree Network, was awarded two first places for two projects that have stood out in their respective categories.   Ten awards were presented during the protocol closing ceremony of the Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care in Chicago, 2 of which went to IRD.

The ‘Groupe Forget Foundation Room’, a multimedia space at the cutting edge of technology dedicated to youngsters and adolescents to enable the development of significant communnication projects.  Transform disability through creativity, encourage development, the ability to surpass themselves and self-esteem, this is what this techno space brings to the rehabilitation of our young clientele.  The project officers:  Stéphane Bérubé, Head of the Language and Auditory Processing Disorder Program and Patrick Lévesque, Head of the Adolescents and Young Adults, Auditory Deficiency, Language and Stuttering Program.

Hunting and fishing. A fun and effective way to learn communication strategies.  A specialized book aimed at concretely helping young people aged 9 to 12 years who have difficulties understanding, updating their full communication potential and providing tools to contributors in the health network, schools and parents.  Both authors are Clinical Technicians in the Language and Auditory Processing Disorder Program:  Susan Plante, audiologist and Marianne Paquet, ergotherapist.



Louise Livernoche
Head of Communications, archives and documentation services
Institut Raymond-Dewar

Fondation Groupe Forget