5 Tips to Take Care of Your Hearing
    1. Use good quality MP3 earphones: Good quality earphones cover the ear entirely or are buds that go in the ear: the sound does not escape, so we tend to put the volume lower since outside noises don’t need to be covered up.
      Also, limit how long you listen to music and keep the volume down: To protect your hearing, do not listen any louder than 60% of the volume range for 60 minutes. If you are going to listen longer, lower the volume.
    2. Use hearing protection earplugs when you expect to be in a very loud environment like a rock concert: The decibel level will be lower and you can still enjoy your outing.
    3. Use silicone earplugs or earmuff headphones when mowing the lawn or when working in construction and using machinery and tools.
    4. Avoid using cotton swaps (Q-Tips), because they push cerumen (earwax) deeper into your ear, creating plugs. Use a wash cloth to clean the edge of the ear or consult an ear, nose and throat doctor.
    5. Musicians should use stage monitors or musicians’ earplugs that help keep the sound environment at safe levels.